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Campus during Covid: What to expect

Friday 14-08-2020 - 16:05

You might be feeling a bit uncertain about what to expect when you head to campus for the first time this academic year, but have no fear! To get yourself prepped, here’s some changes that you’ll find when you get here:

Getting around buildings

Keep your eye out for new one-way routes and queueing systems. They’ll help you navigate your way around buildings safely and easily. If you’re not sure where you’re supposed to go when you get to a uni building, the staff are always friendly — so just ask. The Uni are also working on contactless entry to buildings, so you won’t need to swipe your card or touch the doors.



Lecture theatres and desks have been moved around to allow for social distancing. You'll be able to sit comfortably knowing you’re not invading anyone’s personal space and they’re not in yours!


Where to grab lunch

The Cafe in The Union will be open from Monday 14 September.

These four cafes will be open from Monday 7 September:

Hub Café in the Business School

Birley Café in the Brooks building

Art School Café in the Benzie building

Barista coffee cart in the John Dalton building

You’ll find brand new menus and you'll be able to order more stuff like bagels, pizza and the Grow vegetarian and vegan boxed salads to take away. There's also more outside space to eat, seating inside has been tweaked so it’s more spaced apart and there’ll be safety screens in outlets where they’re needed.


Face masks

Students are now recommended to wear face coverings whilst moving around buildings — like when you're entering and leaving classrooms, in café queues, communal areas, corridors etc. The University will be providing every student with one reusable face mask each and The Union Shop also has a variety of face masks available to buy. There’ll be a limited number of disposable face masks available from the reception desks in uni buildings too, if you’ve left yours at home and don't want to fork out for another!



This year, we’re bringing you more online events designed to create opportunities for you to meet other students, discover sports clubs and societies and settle into Manchester life. You can view the full line up of events and get your tickets here.

If you're feeling unsure about anything to do with starting the new term, get in touch with us and we’ll help, or point you in the direction of someone who can.


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