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Thursday 09-11-2017 - 14:14
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Having held yet another highly successful event for charity, and keeping very busy, we caught up with Lucie Brown, Chair of MMUC Netball. Now in her third year of studying Sport and Psychology, Lucie shows no signs of slowing down with more exciting events in the works.


Congratulations on winning the Spencer Brookes Award at the Cheshire Awards! How was the evening?

“It was an overwhelming night – the Student Officers really pulled it off. It was a really good night, everyone loved it and I never expected to win the award! It was amazing and I really enjoyed it.”


What’s been happening with the club since September?

“It’s been good – obviously we’ve got the pressure of the campus closing, knowing we aren’t going to have freshers coming in. We’ve all pulled together actually, and the committee has been really supportive of each other. We’ve been thinking ‘well this is the situation, what’s next? What can we do?’ We’ve been trying to recruit people on campus and we’ve done quite a few taster sessions this September, welcoming all abilities. We’ve actually got a couple more students so we’ve managed to pull two teams together and it’s all been very positive to be honest.”


Tell us a little bit about the Charity Netball Tournament you held.

“It was brilliant – we had eight teams enter and we did little group stages so everyone got at least three games, then we had a semi-final and a final. We had individual awards, like silly ones so ‘Best Fall of the Day’ or the ‘Underdog Award’ and it was great. We had Genesis, the drama society, enter and they had never played netball before in their lives. It was great to show that the campus can still come together and produce such a great event for charity. We raised around £300 and everyone really enjoyed it."


It’s amazing to see so many clubs and societies come together in Cheshire – what else have you got planned?

“We have an event coming up with Hockey – we’re doing Man vs Food again on 22 November in the Student Zone. We normally get about twenty societies for that too, so we’re hoping for the same again. It’s quite an intense night – we have quite a few rounds but it’s such a fun evening and everyone comes down for that. We are also hoping to organise something for the third term with the Film Society in Cheshire, and that’s a society we’ve never done anything with before. We’re hoping to get one of the big inflatable screens and have an outdoor cinema night. We’ll put it on Old Halls, do a poll as to what film people want to watch and apply through Project Cheshire to get a food van and some popcorn and everyone bring their own blanket and chairs and make a night of it. Hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer in the third term and that’s in the making at the moment – it’s not confirmed.


What’s next for MMUC Netball?

“So after Man vs Food we’ve got a 12 hour netball tournament, a quiz night, a bake sale and another SU night which we need to book in. Our main thing is the 12 hour tournament, which we do every year where we play for 12 hours straight in the old gym. We are doing it all for Cardiac Risk in the Young which is a charity close to our hearts, one of my friends lost a friend our age so we raise money to raise awareness – lots to look forward to this year!”


Find out more about MMUC Netball and get involved.

You can find out more about joining a club or society or get in touch with the Opportunities Cooridinator in Cheshire.

T: 0161 247 6433


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