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Everything you need to know about societies

Tuesday 25-08-2020 - 15:36

One of the best parts of the whole uni experience is making lifelong friends. By joining a club or society, you’ll meet people who share your interests in so many different things — from gaming to religion — there really is something for everybody. And if there isn’t a group for your interests, why not start your own?


What is a society

The proper (and boring) definition of a society is: “an organisation or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.” So we asked the students from Manchester Met's societies to tell us what their definition is. Here's what they said: 

“MUGSS has a bit of something for everybody.”

- Gilbert And Sullivan Society

“We welcome all abilities — it’s the best place to relax.”

- Yoga Society

“It’s a place to learn from others and express yourself.”

- Debating Society

“Its like a big family celebrating Asian culture together.”

- British Asian Society

“It makes me feel strong and empowered.”

- Pole Dancing Society

"ISOC is where I found my place of belonging.”

- ISOC Society

“It’s a home away from home.”

- Manchester Hindu Society

"An atmosphere of only good vibes.”

- Hive Radio

Take a look at all of the different societies you can join.

How to join

Once you get to University and you have your email and student number, go to The Union’s website and sign up as a student. Then, you can search for the group you want to join and pay for your membership online.

British Asian Society.

How to start your own

There’s a few simple steps to setting up a new society. If you're unsure or want to talk to someone about setting up a society, feel free to drop us an email. Otherwise, crack on with the below to get started!

- Be a current MMU student. It only takes two MMU students to set up a society!

- Fill in this form.

- Have an online meeting with The Union. 

- Complete the Societies Accreditation Form (this will be emailed to you).

- Get approval via the Societies Council (The Union will sort this approval for you).

- Start recruiting Manchester Met student members & putting on activities.

Hive Radio.


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