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Free stuff on lockdown

Friday 24-04-2020 - 14:45

So while everyone is on lockdown, we thought we would give you a list of free things that you could take advantage of. Know of any good free stuff to do? Let us know, and share it in the FB group for everyone else.



Sports subscription – get NBA, NFL and MBL Season pass

Obviously, there are no current games, but these free passes allow you to go back and watch vids from the season as well as classic archive games. Want to go back and watch ‘His Airness’, Michael Jordan and his legendary performance in the 1998 NBA finals game 6 vs Utah Jazz – now you can.


How to sign up for free: NBA League Pass, NFL game pass, MLB season pass


How to watch: If you’ve got a smart telly, you can get the NFL and MBL via apps, or you can get them on Xbox or PlayStation. Alternatively, you can sign in via web and watch on there.


This is all seriously good news if you’re experiencing sports withdrawal.


Adobe creative is free for students until 31 May

Ever wanted to create stunning photography, edit beautiful vids, give podcasting a go, or maybe you need Adobe for something very important like your actual university degree! Here’s the info on how to get free access to the full Adobe creative suite until May 31.



What’s even better, is that you can access free professional tutorials via LinkedIn learning. There are courses on how to actually use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or whatever software you need (not to mention there’s a boat load of other really useful videos on nearly every topic you can imagine).


Phew, this way you don’t have to trawl through countless YouTube tutorials trying to get to the useful info.


Free month trial for Audible

Audible does spoken word versions of your favourite books, and are currently offering the first 30 days free. You can listen to a narrator read that book that you’ve had your eyes on reading – Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter is a gem and guaranteed to relax.


Also if you like your podcasts, they’ve also got a load of originals on there if you fancy listening to something new.


It’s easy to set up and would just need an amazon account. Here’s how to sign up.


Free Kindle Unlimited for two months

Full-blown bookworm, or just Starting a new hobby? Good news either way, as Kindle are giving you the opportunity to have unlimited books for the first two months, for free.


That means you could binge read the whole book series of Harry Potter (second reference in this article) if you wanted. Now that is a challenge to set yourself before your two-month trial ends.

The best bit is, you don’t have to own a Kindle either – you can just download the kindle app onto your smart phone through your app store.

All you have to do is sign up using your amazon account.


Play Call of duty warzone with your mates on any platform

Call of Duty: Warzone has been released for FREE. Warzone is cross play, which means if your friend has an Xbox and you have a PlayStation you can still play together – perfect.


To download Warzone on PlayStation
To download warzone on Xbox
To download warzone on PC


Heads-up, there’s loads more games re-released for free each month on PS Plus and Xbox Store.


Weathering the storm – free in the Headspace meditation app

Headspace provides quality meditation and relaxing courses, especially useful if you want to find a good way to relax and de-stress.


Usually you have to pay a subscription to get full access to headspace, which is £9.99 per month, but they’re are offering a full course for you to listen to called ‘Weathering the storm. Find out more information, or download it in your app store.


Free fun nights on virtual messenger

Missing your family and friends during lockdown? Why not throw a traditional Thursday night pub quiz. Get all your friends together on zoom, get your quizmaster ready and make sure you get your beers and drinks from the fridge and start your zoom pub quiz.


There are loads of different services, but Zoom tends to be one of the most reliable and allows you to call up to 49 people all at once on the free service for 40 mins (if you’re lucky the host of the video call will get gifted free unlimited calls).


Rupi Kaur poetry writing classes

Canadian Poet, Rupi Kaur has been hosting creative writing workshops on her Instagram live with exercises in poetry and descriptive storytelling. You could find a quiet spot and give poetry a go. Who knows, it might be nice when you look back years later at what you came up with.


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National Theatre At home

Have you binge watched all your series on Netflix and are looking for something new to watch to keep your mind busy, well we have you covered, the National Theatre are streaming the performances, find out more information.


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