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This is a list of topics due to be discussed at a meeting in the order that they are going to be brought up. You should receive this around one week before the meeting is due to take place.

Any member who is unable to attend a meeting sends apologies to the committee secretary in advance. The apologies are usually read out or noted at the start of the meeting. If you cannot attend for any reason you should always send your apologies.

Chair of the Meeting
The Chair of a meeting is responsible for ensuring that it runs smoothly and as effectively as possible. They keep the meeting to the agenda and ensure that everyone has a chance to speak by facilitating equal and open discussion.

External Examiner Reports 
External Examiners are independent specialists who normally work at a different university, and assess the quality of the learning and teaching provision on your programme. They advise academic staff on any changes proposed for your programme and they ensure that correct procedures have been followed on decisions made by the results and awards assessment boards. Each year all of MMU’s External Examiners complete a report. Reports from your External Examiner will be looked at in your Programme Committee

Matters Arising
Matters arising is used for updates on progress of actions from previous meetings. It’s also the opportunity to discuss where things are at, and how to solve any further problems that may have occurred.

The minutes of a meeting should be an accurate record of what was discussed, actions that were agreed and who is responsible for those. The minutes of a previous meeting will be checked at the start of the next meeting and any errors will be corrected. They are a useful tool for following up on actions that might not have been completed.

Student Business
Student Business is the part of the meeting and agenda that is dedicated solely to issues you want to raise. This is not the only point in the meeting during which you can speak, but is a good moment for you to give the feedback you’ve gathered from your students.

Student Officer
Your Student Officers are a team of six full-time elected officers who lead the political direction of The Union during their year in post. They attend various meetings with MMU and external partners to ensure that student concerns are listened to across the board. They campaign for the changes you want to see in their respective areas.

Any Other Business
Any Other Business is the section at the end of the meeting where anything that has not been listed earlier in the agenda can be put forward for discussion. This could be a general query, an important issue that has arisen since the publication of the agenda, or information about a forthcoming event or change. It’s important to note that it’s not good practice to bring up a controversial item in AOB; these should be tabled onto the agenda in their own right.


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