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Wednesday 30-11-2016 - 11:53
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Luca Raimo

Have you got a dissertation to write? Look at **Dissertations for Good**

First of all, subscription charges have all been paid, so it is completely free for MMU students to use.

Dissertations for Good connects students with organisations to complete research projects together into social, economic and environmental sustainability. A dissertation for good is any piece of student work that contributes in a tangible way, by producing a report that is useful for their partnered organisation.



How does it work?
- Students and organisations register and create profiles.
- They search through the database to find their perfect partner.
- The student, academic supervisor and organisation representative all attend the planning meeting (either in person or via teleconference) and hammer out the details of the project.
- The student starts working on the project, feeding back regularly to the organisation.
- At the end of the project, the student provides the results to the organisation.


Why do it?

- Looks amazing on your CV.
- Connects students with companies.
- Provides professional experiences.
- Add more to the academic qualification with industry work.
- Allows student to gain new skills.

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