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Monday 24-07-2017 - 10:00
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Hello, my name is Luca Raimo and I am your elected Education Officer for academic year 17/18 at the Students’ Union, here to represent you.

Now, it only seems like yesterday I was starting university life and sitting in my first class for my undergraduate degree. The fact that it was four years ago in 2013, just puts it into prospective how naturally fast university will go and how much I did, and still do thoroughly enjoy, love and cherish my time here at Manchester Metropolitan.

The opportunities, chances and progression that university and the Students’ Union offers to you is unparalleled, and I can confirm that whole-heartedly from my experiences. My greatest advice would be to get involved in as much as you can do, participate in as much as you can do and most importantly, enjoy all of it.

Firstly, congratulations on achieving your place at Manchester Metropolitan, and now that you have finished college or sixth form, are living away from home with new people in a flat you are not familiar with, or are in a new city you most probably are not familiar with, and soon to be attending your first class you are not familiar with. Nerves, concerns and anticipation may be running through your mind - this is natural and normal. However, you have nothing to worry about at all, let me tell you that; everyone is in the same boat as you are and having the same thoughts as you are.

The Students’ Union, what is it and what does it do? Truth be told, before coming to university I didn’t know exactly what the Students’ Union did or what it was really there for. Nevertheless, this completely changed and who knows where or what I would be doing if I did not get involved! University will have its ups and downs like anything in life, from workload, deadlines, research, balancing a social life to curriculum responsibilities to washing, ironing and cooking. But they are only just some of the things that makes university great. Though, here at the Students’ Union we seek to represent all the students at Manchester Metropolitan, and we offer students services for everything, from Your Voice, Your Space, Your Opportunities and Your Advice, which are services we run to make your time at university the very best it can be. So any problems, fears or concerns just pop in and ask…


Here are some of my top tips:

o   Budgeting. It is one of those things that everyone always harps on about. However, it is one of the most important things to do. Creating and sticking to a budget might sound boring, but your student loan comes through in instalments, so it would really help you to ensure that you have enough to keep you going until the next instalment.  If you need any help, check out the Advice Centre in The Union. 

o   Love it or loath, social media is a great way to stay in contact and up-to-date with all the amazing things that are happening and going on around campus and the city. From meeting people with similar interest to you, to meeting with people who you would not have before university or doing stuff with course or hall friends. Have a search for your course, department and/or faculty, and The Union MMU, on Facebook and Twitter.

o   If you are moving into halls, make sure you spend some time personalising your room so you feel nice and comfortable in your new surroundings – you will thank yourself for this if you start to feel a bit homesick!

o   A must do is to come down to the Students’ Union for Fresher’s Fair, Tuesday 19 September for Societies and Wednesday 20 September for Sports. Here you will find all the amazing things that the SU has to offer and there are some pretty incredible activities and campaigns to get involved with.  


I absolutely loved my time as a student at Manchester Metropolitan. Though, over the next few weeks people will be saying to you (myself included) ‘Make sure you make the most out of your time here’, ‘Make sure you get involved in everything that’s going on’, ‘Make sure you don’t waste your time’. Nevertheless, from a person that has just graduated and being elected to the Students’ Union this summer, I look back over the past three years and just think, where have those three years gone and how fast they have just flown by. So come to the Students’ Union for Fresher’s Fair, get involved, get signed up and turn up and let me say to you now, you’ll be looking back in three or four years thinking the exact thing I am, where have those years gone. I hope you have an amazing year and time at Manchester Metropolitan and all the best for the future. Remember, do not hesitate to get in touch to ask me anything or tell me how it is all going.

Luca Raimo
VP - Education Officer


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