NUS Delegates revealed: your 8 candidates

Tuesday 14-11-2017 - 15:21
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Eight NUS Conference delegates were elected today (17 November), after a record number of 889 of you voted for your preferred candidates.

Your elected candidates are:

Stage 9 : Natalie Szrejder (MMUnite)

Stage 13: Zara Butt

Stage 15: Maria Del Pilar Ferreira Loray

Stage 17: Amina Gaddah and Lily Smith

Stage 19: Ayesha Naser

Stage 21: Wynne Taffinder (MMUnite) and Hassan Mobarak

They will travel to Glasgow in April 2018 with Hussain, your student president, for the event which will bring together thousands of students from across the country to discuss, debate and vote on national NUS policy, as well as vote on the leadership of the organisation for the year ahead.

Voting was open to all Manchester Met students from 10 November, closing today at 17:00, and all students were able to stand, or nominate another student to stand. Students were then able to read candidate manifestos and vote online.

Representation on NUS Conference delegations is a motion that was passed at National Conference 2014, changing NUS’ rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means that all delegations have to have at least 50% self-defining women on them (rounded down). If we hadn’t naturally elected 50% women students, we would have had to undertake a second count.

If you would like a full breakdown of the results, you can e-mail Christina Kennedy, Engagement Manager, on

Find out more about the NUS Annual Conference.

Find out more about NUS delegate elections at The Union.


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