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Online teaching announcement

Tuesday 06-10-2020 - 17:02

The University has just announced that the majority of Undergrad and Postgrad courses will switch to online teaching from 09:00 tomorrow (Weds 7 October).

Here’s our response.

Block teaching was introduced to make it easier to provide students with access to their education if online teaching was necessary. We know that some of you have found online learning much easier than coming onto campus and you feel safer staying at home. But for others it's challenging and you’d prefer in-person teaching. We also know that, for some, online learning and block teaching have affected your wellbeing and mental health.

To help during the next few weeks we are asking the University for:

+ More mental health support

+ To make sure that these changes are taken into account when your assessments are being marked

+ Faster identification of any student self-isolating so that you get the support you need

These are the first three things that we're focusing on; but there will be more. If there’s anything else you think we should be pushing for, let us know. ⁣

The Union and the rest of campus remains open, so you can still access all services and support you need.


-Your Student Officers



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