President, Education and Wellbeing candidates quizzed in first Q&A

Monday 05-03-2018 - 16:18
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Last night saw the first Quiz the Candidates session, featuring candidates standing for President, Education Officer and the new Wellbeing Officer role.

Candidates had the opportunity to speak about their manifestos and voice their responses to questions from the audience.

First up were the candidates standing for Education, including Lucy Follon (MMU4U), Michael Heywood (The First Round’s on me!) and Una Ivory (P.S. I love MMU).

Each candidate delivered a sixty-second introduction, explaining why they would make a great Education Officer and the campaigns they would fight for if elected. They then received questions from the audience.

The candidates were asked about things Manchester Met does really well and how the Education Officer can build on it, and what they would do for Cheshire students in their role in light of the campus closure.

Luca Raimo, current Education Officer, asked the candidates "How are you going to represent students at MMU on a national stage given how universities are in the press on a daily basis?"


Next up, the candidates for President delivered their introductory speeches, and faced questions from the floor. The candidates attending were Amie Atkinson (MMU4U) and Blessings Mambwe. 

Candidates were asked what personal characteristics they would bring to the role of President and what a good university experience looked like to them.

A question submitted through social media asked "how has your experience as a student inspired your decision to run for President?" and current President Hussain El-Amin asked "what value would you bring to The Union or what value of the organisation would you champion?​"


Finally, the candidates standing for the new Wellbeing Officer role of introduced themselves and were quizzed by the audience. Standing for the role were Elle Hynes (Fresh 4 MMU), Katie Hermon (P.S. I love MMU), Andy Harmon (MMU4U) and Candice Buchanan (Yes We Can!).

Candidates were quizzed on what they thought the single most important wellbeing issue was that students face right now and what they would do for particular groups of students at MMU who feel they aren't represented.

Audience members asked "what would you do as Wellbeing Officer to provide opportunities for physical activity?" and "with this being a new role, what do you think is the primary funtion of the Wellbeing Officer and why?"


Which candidates do you want to represent you? View all manifestos online to help you decide. 

Voting opens on Friday 9 March and ends at 17:00 on 15 March.


Education Officer Q&A


President Q&A


Wellbeing Officer Q&A



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