President's Diary - 7 February 2018

Wednesday 07-02-2018 - 12:46

In this new addition to the weekly Union News newsletter, I’ll be giving you a bi-weekly diary update on some of the things I have been up to in the past two weeks and ways in which you can get involved or enquire more.


Student Journey Transformation project launch

The Students’ Union hosted the Launch of the SJTP Launch. SJTP is such an exciting project that will look to revolutionise the student experience. We are talking a Manchester Met style Siri/Alexa, called Wanda (name is not finalised yet). How cool is that right?!

“Wanda, can you tell me what events are happening at the Union tomorrow”.

Check out the launch video.


Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Scheme

This project is tackling barriers for success for BME students and students who progressed to university with BTEC qualifications. I was thrilled to be involved in the recruitment process. We had such a fantastic set of students who were very passionate about the topics and who demonstrated very high competence levels. We ran two assessment days and hired 19 students.

Personally I'm so excited that this scheme is finally running. I have been part of conversations and discussions about having this for two years now. Having been a student from a BME background and coming from BTEC background it will be good to leave The Union knowing that I have been a part of setting up something as good as this.


Planning for Student Leaders Conference

In February we will be holding our first ever Student Leaders Conference. This is quite an exciting time because we have not run something like this for our students before and we’re making sure that we set a high benchmark. Hard work and high expectations!!

The conference will have a number of exciting workshops and… some celebrity guest speakers so watch this space.

Sign up to the conference here.


Prayer Space on Campus

Following the introduction of a Prayer Space User group which feeds into University discussion about Prayer Space on campus, and years of campaigning for change by active students and societies including the Islamic Society, we have reached a landmark win for the campaign to have fit-for-purpose prayer space for our Muslim community. I have been working alongside the University Estate Planning Committee and University Senior Managers to make sure the student voice is heard and responded to - we now have a commitment to a new and improved prayer space, as well as short-term fixes to current provision. This will make a huge difference to our Muslim student community, and has sparked further discussion around the available provision for students of other faiths.  



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