Societies Awards Ball 2017 - winners revealed

Thursday 01-06-2017 - 13:53
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At another sparkling event, the winning students and societies were revealed at the Societies Awards Ball 2017.

Once again, the Reception and Main Hall at The Union were converted into a beautiful awards ceremony, giving students the perfect opportunity to round off an amazing year of society events and achievements.

Guests were treated to a two course meal and an acrobatic performance from Katie Gammon from the Pole Dancing Society.


Society of the Year – Gamers

Gamers have put in a lot of hard work over the last few years to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to participate. Their committee has put inclusion at the heart of the society. They run weekly gaming socials, and have also expanded online gaming to create another way students can engage without the pressure of coming to large socials.


Most Improved Society – Gilbert and Sullivan

Gilbert and Sullivan have had a fantastic year, with two shows and a whole range of socials. For the first time ever, they held a full production at and MMU venue. We’ve seen the society work much closer with The Union, and become a real part of our Societies family. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


Most Active Society of the Year – Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing are indeed very busy! They host several classes a week for their members, and this year have put on some great socials and events including Spingo Bingo, which raised money for their new equipment. Pole are always on hand to collaborate with other groups too.


Best New Society – Nursing

Nursing have more challenges than a lot of student groups, contending not just with assignments and deadlines, but with extended placements across the city. Despite this, Nursing have put a huge amount of work into getting off the ground, organising charity events, guest lectures and socials that work for our very busy nursing students.


Most Socially Aware Society – Islamic Society

The Islamic Society have done a variety of work in raising awareness of different issues this year, including charity week where they raised thousands of pounds. They also ran awareness events on dyslexia and mental health, and activities aimed at dispelling myths about Islam.


Best Academic Society – Law

The Law society consistently hosts inspiring guest speakers from the law profession. This year, they have also worked on employability events, and supported students to develop skills in mooting and debating.


Best Faith, Belief and Culture Society – Christian Union

Christian Union run a lot of regular activity for members, and have hosted a successful mission week. This saw a huge programme of events take place aimed at challenging perceptions and spreading their message.


Best Media, Arts and Performance Society – Cirque du Met

Cirque Du Met have had a great first year, establishing themselves as a definite part of the societies community. They have already had performances, and are passionate about encouraging people to give their activities a go.


Best Political and Campaigning Society – Debating

The quality of events debating have run this year has been outstanding. There is a real passion for increasing students’ awareness and understanding of broad, relevant political issues. After starting life with an EU referendum debate, they have this year hosted an incredible panel discussion between the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates.


Best General Interest Society – Animee

Anime may not be a huge society, but they’re definitely close knot group with an obvious shared passion. They’ve collaborated with other societies on a number of joint events this year, and have also run a lot of regular activity for their members.


If you want to get involved, check out the Opportunites page for more information on joining or starting a society.


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