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Friday 30-09-2016 - 14:37
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We caught up with some of Manchester Met’s alt societies at their Alternative Freshers’ Fair in The Union.

The fair was part of Alternative Freshers’ Week, where twelve different societies from both Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester have come together to provide a unique, diverse and inclusive experience for new and returning students.

Third year Law student, Tom Pedley, is Vice Chair of Rock Soc and one of the masterminds behind the event. He said: “Me and Josh have basically been running the whole week – there’s been so many risk assessments! Tomorrow (Thursday 22 Sept 2016) we’re going to the pub for a social and then heading over to Club de Muerto – you should definitely come because it’s basically the Rock Soc in its element”.

Lily Smith, Chair of Gamers, hosted a chill out session with loads of games, socialising and even a bit of Guitar Hero, to introduce people to the society. Their weekly meet-up takes place every Wednesday from 14:00 in the Conference Suite.

Amie Richardson, second year English student and Chair of the Nerds Society hosted a taster session with loads of board games and socialising. She said: “There’s loads going on this week. We’ve got a social tomorrow and a Pokemon Go walk on Friday (23 September) and then next Thursday (29 September) we’ve got out first society social with a bit of a nostalgia theme – there’ll be things like old TV shows and retro games”.

Corey Davies, Chair of Vague and Vice Chair of the Societies Subgroup Committee said: “You can come and meet us at Freshers’ Fair tomorrow (22 September) and then on Friday (23 September) we’re joining the Nerds and going on a Pokestop and gaming walking tour of Manchester – leaving from All Saints at 11:00”.

Matthew, a member of KPop Society said: “Meet us at Freshers’ Fair (22 September) and then join us afterwards for a social and maybe a bit of food – it’s open to everyone. Our society meetings take place on Wednesdays, 13:00-16:00 in The Union, Meeting Room 4, and we’re giving out free posters to anyone who likes our Facebook page!”

The Anime Society are getting involved too with a stall at Freshers’ Fair and a social in the Conference Suite at 19:00 (22 September) where there’ll be a quiz, anime and loads of manga around, followed by a night out at Club de Muerto for anyone who wants to join. On Monday 26 September, you can come along to their Anime only night out at Fab Café from 21:30, with video games, drinks, and anime showing on the TV screens”.

You can find out more about all of the events here:



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