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Tuesday 10-10-2017 - 12:11
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We popped over to Cheshire and chatted with Tyler Horsfield, (Film Studies) Vice Chair of Giggle Dungeon who (suffering a little with the dreaded Freshers’ Flu) told us a little bit about the society and what they had planned for the coming year…


Tell us a little bit about Giggle Dungeon…

“It’s a comedy society that’s very inclusive – we let anyone join. We like to do stand-up, and ideas for sketches, improvisation techniques and anything like that. We like entertaining people really!”


Why is it called Giggle Dungeon?

“Well ‘giggle’, obviously because it’s comedy. To be honest – I don’t know! The best reason I can think of is because it sounds funny! A dungeon full of giggles.”


What have you been up since the start of term?

“Last Thursday we had our first show of the year. We had a line-up of our own stand-up comics – myself, Dan Mee the Chair of the Society, Rebecca Irlam, our Social Sec. We had Joe Dennis and three other main headliners, Phil Wang, Alex Smith and Kieran Boyd, and that was our first show – everyone loved it! On Friday we had Society Showcase and we performed there too.”


What does the society get up to?

“We have our sessions on Tuesdays in Cousins from 5pm to 7pm. Socials are also usually Tuesdays so if anyone wants to come and join please do!”


What else have you got planned this year?

“We have an event in the planning stages with Swimming and Waterpolo – sort of a cross society and sport event, so we can work with each other instead of against each other. We are hoping to do that sometime at the end of this term or early next term. We also are planning to do a Christmas show so lookout for that too.”  


Why should people get involved in Giggle Dungeon?

“From a social side of things, it’s a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere. There’s no pressure to perform or being engaged, you can just be on the sidelines if you want to. We try to promote a fun and engaging atmosphere so people can gain confidence and develop as a person, but also if they just have a taste for comedy."



You can get involved with Giggle Dungeon and check out their page, or check our Opportunities page for more clubs and societies. 


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