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Tuesday 24-10-2017 - 11:31
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One of the newest societies at The Union, we spoke to Sammia Amir, MA Criminology and Chair to find out more about their plans, unsolved mysteries and what she’ll be up to this Halloween…


Tell us a little bit about the society…

“I’ve always wanted to set up a society, but I thought you needed five members to do it. During the ASD Summer School, where I was working as an ambassador, I spoke to Jill in the Opportunities office — she said you only need two people to set one up! I said I’d love to make a Horror Society but didn’t think anyone else would want to do it. Then a girl I had been friends with for a about month said “I’ll do it with you”. That’s Cassandra and she’s now the Treasurer! We have several branches of ‘horror’ – true crime, mystery, thrill seeking and gore horror. I really wanted to create the society because firstly I like scary things, but also some other societies out there had events I couldn’t join in with because they were too late. I wanted to make something more inclusive – if it’s not out there then why not make it yourself.”


What events have you been running and what else have you got planned?

“So we’ve been trying to find our feet, and we’ve just run an ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ event, where we talked and debated about mysteries that haven’t been solved. We also did a bit of a murder mystery where our treasurer pretended to die, and we had to solve her murder! For Halloween, we’ve got ten days of horror planned. We’re doing collabs with all sorts of societies, from K-Pop to LGBT+, to Nerds – everyone. We’re just going to go with a horror theme, and whatever they want to do as an event, we’ll help them do it. I know that LGBT+ are doing a screening, and Nerds are doing a gaming night and loads of people want to do a dress-up thing. The 31st is reserved for us, so we’re thinking maybe a haunted floor of The Union, or something fun where everyone can just join in."


What other things are you wanting to get up to?

“It’s still early days, and we just need to find out when everyone is free, but hopefully we’ll have more socials soon. Our first one is going to be a load of cinema trips, discounted for everyone. The thing about our society is that even though I’m Chair, I’m not going to be in charge. I want feedback and want to hear what people want to do – someone suggested axe throwing! The risk assessment would be difficult though, so we'll see."


What’s your personal favourite horror film?

“That’s so hard. I would have to say an International one – Battle Royale! It’s a Japanese film and I love it. I don’t know how many times I have seen it, but I never get bored of it.”


What would you say to anyone who wants to get involved in the society?

“If you’re interested, just come down and give it a chance. Come and talk to either myself or Cassandra, we’ll give you all the info you need and we’re super friendly. If you think there is something that we don’t cater for, we’ll try our best to help. We want to cater for people who hate horror stuff too, so that could be mystery nights and all sorts. If you’ve got an idea, and you want to run it I’ll probably say yes!”


What are your plans for Halloween?

“It’s probably going to be sorting all of the society events, and then when I get home it’ll be me, snacks and whole lot of horror films!”


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