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Student Officer Elections: Recommending Someone

Monday 20-01-2020 - 10:53

It happens every year, but the Student Officer Elections may be new to you (or maybe you’ve just missed the memo). Either way, the chances are you’re going to be hearing a lot about it over the next few months.

So… what exactly is going on?

The Union is looking for five Student Officers to run the students’ union for the next academic year. You can nominate yourself for one of the positions available, or recommend someone you think would be a perfect fit.

What are Student Officers?

They are the people elected to represent the students of Manchester Met. The Union has five Officer roles available, which are full time, paid positions.

Ok, but what do they actually do?

All sorts!

They run campaigns to improve the lives of students or raise awareness of certain issues. They are involved in making decisions at the University at the highest level — this means your voice is heard in the most senior meetings and students are at the heart of any changes.

Know someone who would make a great Student Officer?

Recommend them!

Fill in this really simple form and the student will be notified that they’ve received a recommendation. It’s then up to the student themselves if they want to run in the election. Even if they decide to not take it any further, it’s a great feeling to receive a recommendation.

Get these dates in your diary

Nominations open: 31 January

Nominations close: 21 February

Voting opens: 2 March

Voting closes: 5 March

The results will be announced on the evening of the 5 March


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