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Thursday 23-11-2017 - 15:35
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We sat down with Aidan Buffey, third year Sport and Exericise Science and Chair of MMUC Basketball to find out about the club's upcoming revival of a classic charity event, and how they are making it more inclusive. 


Tell us a little bit about the club.

“Men’s Basketball train on a Monday night from six thirty to eight. We just have the one training session, although we do have an Active Campus session on Thursdays from six thirty until eight in the evening as well. We have one team, but we’re in two leagues – we have our BUCS league on Wednesday and then we have a Manchester area Basketball league we play in. Our home games are on Fridays at seven thirty, and away games are scheduled in too. We have our after-match socials and we do team-building events as well, so we’re planning a Christmas meal for next month.”


Tell us about your ‘Waterpong’ event next week.

“So on Tuesday 28 November in the Student Zone, we’ve got teams of two or three playing sort of traditional beer pong, if you’ve ever played that – but without the beer. It’ll be throwing the ping pong balls into the red cups – you can then drink water or a fizzy drink instead. It’s raising money for The Neuro Therapy Centre that we are working closely with this year. This will be our second event raising money for them after Disco Dodgeball – we raised over £300 at that one. Teams have already come forward and put their names down, but we’re still accepting people and you can always turn up on the day, but make sure you come before the event and we’ll try and fit you in. It’s £3 to enter a team, and £1 entry to spectate. There’ll also be guess the number of sweets in the jar and name the teddy bear too, with music and the bar open so people can grab a drink, but it's optional.”


Why ‘Waterpong’?

“So we’ve chosen Waterpong for a few reasons. Quite a lot of events happen on Tuesday, but BUCS games are on a Wednesday, so quite a lot of people can’t get involved – lots of clubs and societies don’t like members drinking before games. We also thought it was more inclusive, and ties in nicely with the Activity Officers’ upcoming Take A Stand campaign. We thought that by doing it like this, more people would come down, as it’s a good alternative event. It’s something to do on a Tuesday that lots of people can participate in.”


Why should people come down to the event?

“So it’s for a good cause as it’s for charity, and we’re keeping the campus vibrant and alive. A lot of these events are to make sure everyone feels good on campus. It’s quite stressful at this time of year with exams and deadlines, so it’s a nice break in the week.”


Find out more about the upcoming 'Waterpong' event on Facebook.

Find out more about MMUC Basketball.

If you want to run an event or activity on campus, you can apply through Project Cheshire for up to £2000.


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