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Tuesday 23-05-2017 - 14:01
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The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester Students' Union would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the victims, families and friends affected by this horrific attack.

We have faith in the strength and resilience of the people of Manchester, and implore students and the wider community to come together at this difficult time. These kind of attacks aim to disrupt and divide our society. Manchester's response; from the tireless action of our emergency services and hospital staff, to those members of the community opening their homes, show that we are a community who will not be divided. With over £200,000 raised and the hundreds that have queued at the blood banks show that no matter what -- #WeStandTogether.

For those individuals who are betraying these Manchester values, turning on their fellow citizens and committing hate crimes; this will not be tolerated and we stand in solidarity with any victims of these incidents. If any Manchester Met students have been affected by these events, the University’s counselling service stands ready to help any student who needs them.  Our counselling helpline is open on 0161 247 3493. More information can be found on their website: www2.mmu.ac.uk/counselling/

The Union’s Advice Centre is available to support students with any academic issues such as exams and assessments. It is also a third party hate crime reporting centre, and we would urge anyone affected to get in touch.

An incident that attempts to divide us will only make us stronger.



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