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Tuesday 19-05-2020 - 09:13

Student pulse reports.

We want to make sure we’ve got the best understanding of the issues you’re having as a student during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we created the ‘What’s on your mind?’ survey.

We’ve received over 1,000 responses to this survey from students at Manchester Met, covering issues around assessments, housing and community living and financial hardship.

Using your feedback, we produce weekly Student Pulse Reports that we send to senior University staff. So, we thought it’d be useful to share some of what you’ve said to us and how it’s helping:

Two-thirds of you told us about academic issues, especially around the University’s Safety Net policy. You told us you felt it was unfair that the safety net didn’t cover all assessments. You also wanted to know what makes an assessment ‘alternative’ and how contextual marking will work.

We took your comments to the University and made the case for further roll out of a ‘no detriment’ approach. We worked with the University’s Teaching Academy and Assessments team to follow up on issues you told us you were facing. We also worked with the University to find answers to questions, which helped students understand the new policies. Alongside this, we are continuing to get clarity on how postgraduate courses will be affected too.

We know many students that study in workshop-based and lab-based courses are struggling with inaccessibility of equipment and specialist software. You told us that creating a portfolio is important for developing your career in industry, so we’re working directly with relevant schools and departments to make sure have the right technology to access your teaching and learning.

Following our open letter to landlords in Greater Manchester, a number of you have been in touch about paying for your private accommodation. Our Advice team has been working with you on these issues and we’ve got some great success stories. We’re also working with the NUS to get a better deal for renters in student houses and private halls from local and national Government — we’re shaping this work using your stories.

We’re able to pass on your comments and support changes for students because you’ve told us what’s on your mind — please keep telling us so we can carry on supporting you. It could be anything from how your online exams have gone or how you’ve found remote teaching. It could be questions or concerns you have about how the first term will work, or your plans for moving to a new house whilst still social distancing.

Whatever it is, we want to know: what’s on your mind?


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