Your safety on public transport

Thursday 02-07-2020 - 09:31

Whether you’re still in Manchester or planning your return for September, it’s worth knowing the new changes for getting on buses, trams and trains in and around the city.


What’s changed?

From 15 June, the government said face coverings must be worn on public transport, unless you’re exempt (a child under 11 or you have a disability which means you can’t wear one).


What’s the advice?

Try to walk or cycle where possible. Transport for Greater Manchester have put together this handy list of places you can hire a bike from, as well as where you can pick up a great second-hand bike.


Where to buy a face mask

There’s loads of places online to get face masks. Try Etsy for something handmade, or Manchester based shop Wawar, who switched their production from apparel to face masks to make sure we’re all well equipped.


Bus passes

If you need to buy a bus pass, you can buy the Stagecoach Summer Holiday Bus Pass online*. You’ll be able to get your passes for the new academic year from our Finance office when The Union building reopens (hopefully on 14 September).

If you’ve got any other questions or concerns, get in touch with us and we’ll help.

*We’re really sorry but the MetCard can’t be used to buy these bus passes online at the minute. We’ve tried to find ways around it but haven’t had any luck.


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