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Cheshire cover

With loads of exciting events on the horizon, we've got details on some of th...

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Jan events blog

With loads of exciting events coming up this month and beyond, we've got enou...

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On 7 October 2016, I experienced the best night I had as an MMU student. 5,00...

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Pride unioncloud

August 25 – 28 is Manchester Pride weekend, with events taking place across t...

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Mmuplatform unioncloud

Platform Sessions aim to inspire and motivate students, inviting successful f...

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Mugss unioncloud

Manchester Universities Gilbert and Sullivan Society (MUGSS) are presenting t...

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Lewismmumind unioncloud

This year, Student Officers have been busy working on It's OK, a campaign tha...

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Manchester mayor unioncloud

With other political news from the UK and abroad dominating the headlines, it...

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