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Thursday 01-03-2018 - 10:06
Owen blog

We chatted with Manchester’s Activities Officer to get the low down on all the recent and upcoming events at The Union.


What have you been up to recently?

"Since the start of the New Year I have been working on a lot of student events which have been really good. We had the Charlie West charity game between Rugby League and Rugby Union that had 200 spectators. I played a small part on the night of Disco Dodgeball that the Netball team did an amazing job organising. We also had the clubs and societies photos over two days during Refreshers week."

At the start of February we took the societies on tour to Amsterdam. I’ve also been working with MMU Sport on the ‘Battle of the North’ that we’re hosting this year, as well as planning both the societies and sports awards balls. One of the main things I’m sorting now is tour after it was announced that we’ve had a last minute change of location to Croatia! And then in my spare time, I have been representing students across the country on the strategy boards I sit on as part of my BUCS National Student Officer role."


What’s happening soon?

So I'm pleased to say that after the amazing job our Cheshire campus has done running this over recent years, we’ve decided to give Man v. Food a go in Manchester! Teams will be able to enter pairs into the event where we will find out who can eat the most food! We will be doing it on Friday 20 April and tickets will be available on the night at £3. All the money we raise from this will go towards the AU Ball and this is our last fundraiser! The idea is that there will be several rounds of different foods, and at the end of each round the last groups to finish will be eliminated!

This year we’ve seen a real increase in not only student events, but the quality of those events. Our teams have done an amazing job this year, so I wanted to organise something for them! There’s free food for those competing and a chance to compete against other teams. Those watching get to watch people stuff their faces and potentially throw up, plus all profits go to the AU Ball, which is looking like it could be the biggest and best we’ve ever had!"


Anything else planned soon?

"Well, this Friday Pole Dancing have their Spingo Bingo event, and the night before Man v. Food is Student Officer elections results night, and then its tour the week after! Then we have a great term three planned to distract you from exams - 'Battle of the North' against Leeds Beckett on 25 April, Societies ball on 11 May, Sports ball on 23 May and the Teaching Awards on the 24 May. It’s a great end to the year!"




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