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Tuesday 13-02-2018 - 16:18

Our Campaigns Coordinator Molly recently caught up with Harriet Bell, Chair of Student Scout and Guide Society and part of the Mountaineering Club. They chatted about the effects of body image in sports and physical activity and participation, and Harriet's new campaign which you can keep your eyes peeled for. 


Where did the idea come from?

"In my role as Sports Volunteer Ambassador it’s part of my role to run a campaign — so I was thinking about what affects people getting involved in sport and a big one is body image and how they perceive themselves. It’s something I’ve personally been affected by and I know my friends have. It’s something you read about a lot in these big studies that are coming out."


What do you want to achieve through this campaign?

"I want to get more people involved in sport and activities who traditionally would not be because they feel there are barriers and don’t believe sport is for them. I believe everyone can be involved in sport in some way."


What would you say are the biggest benefit of taking part in sport or physical activity?

"There are many different sides — the physical benefits are good for you but you also have the mental health aspect because you achieve the little goals you set yourself and group goals if you’re in a competitive sport. Then there’s the social side as well."


How can students get involved?

"Students can tune in to Hive radio at 17:00 on 21 February to hear me talking about the campaign. People can also live tweet me usinng #MMUBodyLove to share their stories and support for my campaign. I am holding a workshop on 27 February in Room 7 of The Union from 14:00 to 17:00 where you can find out more and share your stories, to promote sport for everyone."


What advice would you give another student who had an idea for a campaign but didn’t know where to start?

"Come and speak to The Union, in particular to you Molly — it’s what you're here for! You can sit down, write out all your ideas and nothing will be seen as stupid or silly. It’s a good way of working out what you want to do and the best way to do it.

When I started I looked up some studies about how body image has affected sports people, there’s been some big campaigns with Rebecca Adlington and Jessica Ennis because at all levels lots of people do feel that their body image effect how they do sport and participate."


Interested in running a campaign? Find out more information on our Campaigns page or get in touch with Molly Maher, Campaigns Coordinator.  


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