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Friday 19-05-2017 - 15:00
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Platform Sessions aim to inspire and motivate students, inviting successful figures from different areas of study to speak about their unique career journeys.

In the final session of the term, Kwame Mensah spoke to Sacha Lord-Marchionne, who has been running music events for over twenty years. Building from the ground up with a loyal and hard-working team behind him, Sacha was the owner of Sankeys during the early 2000s and the founder of The Warehouse Project.

According to the Manchester Evening News, he is also leading the Night Time Industries Association’s calls for an official champion for the city’s clubbing, music, food and drink and cultural offering — a so-called 'night tsar' to help Manchester rival London as a 24-hour city. The Manchester native has made monumental moves within his hometown, and had a world of wisdom to share with the audience.

The event took place on Friday 14 May, and discussions ranged from politics, Parklife and how he annoyed the universities and council in the city with his contant flyering of halls of residence and phoneboxes, in an age before social media was used to promote club nights.

You can watch Sacha speak to Kwame on the live stream below.



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