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Podcast episodes you need to listen to before you come to university

Tuesday 25-08-2020 - 15:35

How To Fail Your Degree Season 1 is designed for those of you who are starting university in September. Hosted by 3rd years Abi and Leah, they've pretty much seen it all when it comes to university. Download these podcast episodes for free on Spotify (or wherever you get your podcasts) for the journey down and get equipped for the year ahead.


Every year we survey first year students of Manchester Met to find out what they’re most worried about, and constantly high on that list is making friends. For the first ever episode of How To Fail Your Degree, we talk about all the different places you might make friends and how you may not even find your people until after your first year is over.


If you’re moving away to come to university, the thing you’re probably spending a lot of brain power thinking about is where you’re going to live. Whether it’s halls or private housing, solo or with nine other people, our hosts Leah and Abi have seen it all. It also covers how to deal with housemates you don't get on with, and heartwarming tales of meeting your university soul mate.


You can’t say student without debt. Managing your money can be harder than your actual degree, so listen for a breakdown of how your loan works, thrifty advice and a quiz of some of the wildest things students have bought with their loan.


One of the biggest learning curves when entering higher education is the new way of learning – lectures, seminars, labs that don’t involve chemicals – we've got three students from three different faculties and courses to take you through all the different ways to learn at university – and also how shopping during your lectures may be a bad idea.


Any university movie shows wild parties and way too much booze, but if you’re one of the 1 in 5 students who don’t drink, then this episode is for you. Hosts Abi and Leah aren’t big drinkers, but have dabbled in drinking culture at uni – they've got tips on how not to ruin your life on a night out and if you do like messy stories of mishaps and cheesy chips, you’ll still have a good time.

Mental Health

Your mental health and wellbeing is so important, and starting uni is enough to give any of us a wobble and our hosts have both struggled with it over time. They’ve got personal stories of how homesickness, pressure and not eating your veggies can make uni hard and also hear from other students about their struggles, counselling and finding people to talk to. Remember, if you are struggling with mental health, you don’t have to go through it alone. No matter what, please reach out to someone - friends, family, doctors, advice centres - someone will be there for you.

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