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Tuesday 24-10-2017 - 13:42
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This is our guide to ensure you consider all relevant factors when renting a house — rent safe, rent secure, Rent Right.


1. All the best houses don't go by Christmas.

With 14,000 student houses in Manchester – there are loads to go around. If you want to live with 10 mates then you may need to look a little sooner for housing as the bigger houses tend to go early.


2. You should expect to get your full tenancy deposit back.

As long as you leave the house in the same condition as when you moved in, you should receive your full tenancy deposit back. Your deposit should be kept in a government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme and this can help you negotiate your deposit back if necessary.


3. You might fall out with the people you have signed a contract with.

Remember that you are signing a legally binding contract, which is a huge step to take with people you haven't known for very long. Would you enter into a marriage or business agreement so soon.


4. You should expect student housing to be maintained to a really high standard.

Every rented property should meet a minimum standard regardless of who is paying the rent. Ensure that any property you consider is well maintained as you will be paying a lot of the money to live there.


5. It is not normal to rent a private house 11 months before you intend to move in.

Outside of a university environment, you would not even consider signing a contract so early as circumstances can change in many different ways during that time.


6. It should not take longer for landlords with student tenants to fix problems.

You are paying a lot of money to live in your house so any repairs should be fixed in a timely manner.


7. All estate agent fees are not over £100.

This is not always the case and such fees can vary in price. There can be lots of hidden costs including admin fees, reference fees, and guarantor fees, which can be charge per person, per property or per tenancy, Check with the accommodation provider whether any additional fees apply and if they are refundable. Look out for hidden costs and always ask first!


8. If someone drops out of your joint tenancy it is your problem.

Once you have paid a deposit or signed a contract, you are bound to it, even before you move in. If you are a joint tenant (meaning all your names are included in the contract), you are all equally liale for the rent and damages for the entire property. If one of you decides to leave or refuses to move in, the full rent is still due.


9. You can not easily walk away from the contract at any time.

You can usually only be released from the contract if the landlord agrees to it. The contract is legally binding and only a court can force the landlord to let you go without a penalty.


10. Student houses are not cheap.

On average students in a four bedroom house will spend between £13, 244 and £17,600 on rent alone during an 11 month contract so don't take renting a house lightly.


What you can do:

- Research the area you want to live in

- Think about safety and security

- Work out your budget

- Make sure you move in with the right people

- Go house hunting as a group

- Take your time, don't feel rushed and always ask questions

- Check whether the landlord is accredited

- Make sure you get an inventory

- Check details of the tenancy deposit

- Bring your tenancy agreement to the Advice Centre so we can check it




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